Knitting on a jewelry blog, uh-oh.

I know I added a blog in order to chit chat about jewelry, but for several months my jewelry tidbits blog has been slumped over in the desert somewhere, along with my jewelry-making muse.  And my fingers, in the meantime, have been itching to knit.  So I made this scarf.  There is no pattern to reason.  It’s just random knit and purl stitches with earthy color-tone yarns.  The yarn is acrylic but is anti-pill, stretching out the shelf life of the scarf.  It is so soft too.  I love how it is turning out.  In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t quite finished it yet.  I still have to weave in the ends and crochet a simple stitch around it to give it a more finished look.

This scarf is knitted vertically instead of the usual horizontal pattern and because of that, it felt like it took longer to make.  When I knit scarves in the usual horizontal, back and forth, I just whip ‘em out in no time, especially if the stitch is basic and I use chunky yarn.  But this one was regular worsted weight and the stitches on my needle were a whole LOT more, so it really did feel like it took longer.  However, it may have just been a psychological effect.

Simple scarf for men

Since the first photo of the scarf is folded, I decided to model it on a bust I use for my jewelry, hoping it would get the point across as to how it drapes and looks.  I love this and although it’s the basic knit and purl, it’s so lush-looking.  It’s beautiful, but, then again, I’m being quite biased here.  Here are a few more angles.

Earthy Scarf

Organic scarf

Basic Man scarf with basic textures

So you notice, it’s not finished yet.  Just a little more to do and then I’ll be totally done.  I think next time I’ll make another one a little longer…that would mean even more stitches to deal with, oh no.

Jewelry Tidbits…a teeny tiny introduction.

I‘ve been wanting to introduce a jewelry blog for quite some time.  But the thought of maintaining it and being consistent with posting was discouraging to me because in real life, time is precious and worth a whole lot.  However, I’ve been feeling like I need to take the plunge lately, which is what I’m doing now.

Someone once told me that studying a subject or area for two years makes one an expert in the field.  Really?  Well, I don’t know if I agree with that, but even though I’ve studied a bit of metalsmith techniques and handcrafted jewelry for three years now, I hardly even consider myself to be the jewelry guru.  I still continue to learn as much as I can as time permits.  And I love to read about any technique that is jewelry-related, so that I can apply them in the pieces I design whenever I possibly can.

There are so many areas of jewelry making, but one can’t do them all, unless there’s a lot of extra time available at reach.  And the possibilities are endless when it comes to jewelry making.  There is chain maille, beading, resin, metal clay, polymer clay, metalsmithing, knotting, stringing, and all other sorts of techniques.  Can you imagine knowing them all?  The possibilities would be outrageous and I would be one bad *ss kickin’ jewelry artist.  Imagine that, lol!

Ok, signing off for now.  Oh and don’t forget, support all handmade goods!!